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More Questions & Answers

Three Easy Steps to Order:

Once all three steps are completed above, then a live proof will become available for your approve and a printed proof or the final order will be delivered by mail.

Q.  I need prints ASAP!  Can you help me?
A.  YES, an online proof can be available within minutes for your preview.  Upon completion of all updates, a printed proof can be printed and delivered the next day for your evaluation before the final prints.   To receive your order faster, overnight shipping* is available in the US and Canada for an additional fee. (prices vary on weight of order and location).  Also note that it is customary to first receive a printed proof by mail for evaluation and final approval. The print quality is only as good as the digital images you provide.

*Orders will be shipped upon completion of printing.  You will receive your order within 2 to 3 business days, unless you select overnight shipping.  Shipping fees vary depending on your location and time of delivery.

Overnight Shipping:
We do not have any control over the carriers delivery process and when the carrier does not deliver as promised, then your overnight fee can be refunded when we settle with the shipping carrier.

Most carriers charge more to deliver outside their "delivery hub". If your address is outside major cities, then UPS and FedEx will have a higher fee for overnight shipping and USPS will typically take two days instead of one.  Early delivery (9 AM) also differ in cost as oppose to afternoon (3PM).

Q. I want to see my proof before placing an order. How can do this?
A. Order a virtual card for $35.00 to have several  designs.  This amount is credited towards your printing.  click here for price and place order

Q.  I have my design already, does it help with my order?
A.  YES, your printed proof can be shipped quicker since you don't need to approve the online proof.  The flat file images can be uploaded once the registration is completed.

Q.  What are the specs for pre-design images for comp cards?
A.  The optimal specs for pre-design images are:

Click Image above to view larger size


Individual specs for comp cards are:
The quality of your digital images will determine the quality of your prints. (View a LOW Resolution image with 36.2kb size View a HIGH Resolution image with 1,720kb or 1.72MG size).

  • Back images should be 3.5" x 5.5" or pixel dimension of 1068 x 1650 at 72 to 300 dpi.
  • Headshot should be 8 x 10 or pixel dimension of 2400 x 3000 at 72 to 300 dpi.
  • Flat images of final front and back composites should be 5.5" x 8"5 each or pixel dimension of 1650 x 2550 at 72 to 300 dpi.
  • Front comp card  image should be 5.5" x 8"5 or pixel dimension of 1650 x 2500 at 72 to 300 dpi.
  • If you have questions regarding your images, please email three images per email and request an evaluation.  We will let you know the same day if your images have a good resolution for commercial printing.  Contact us if you need Photoshop templates delivered to your email.

Q.  What is your refund policy?
A. Full refund is available for orders cancelled within 24 hours of initial purchase and no work has been done in the designing, image correction, printing of proof.  The credit card company will apply a small cancel fee. Printing and Image editing work may be deducted.  fifty percent refund is available for orders cancelled after the online proof becomes available. and twenty five refund for orders cancelled after the printed proof has been delivered and or any orders requiring image touch-ups.  An online proof is always provided and once approval has been given to print the final order, then the client is responsible for any errors printed and no refund is provided.  Always remember, the print quality is only as good as the quality of the digital images provided to compcard.com.  Limited or no refund will be provided for any orders left on "open status" for longer than 45 days.  Dissatisfaction alone is not a valid reason for refund. We value our clients and will work with you as much as possible.

Overnight orders are given special priority with our design team and printing department. No refund is provided once an online proof has been made available and updates have been applied. We put on hold all other work and apply all resources to make sure overnight orders are completed and made ready for delivery the same day.

Q.  What do I need to get started?
A.  First purchase a print package for headshots or comp cards. B. Complete the the registration form and C. lastly load your images.  A live proof will be posted the same business day on a private web page for your review and approval.  Contact us via live chat or email  for any changes and request a printed proof by mail or the final order.

Once you have completed all three steps above , then we performed any minor touch-ups to your images and design your headshot or comp card online during the same business day your order is placed.  You need to approve by email your online proof in order to receive a printed proof by mail within 2-3 business days.   Updates can be done at this time before the final prints.  If you are content with the printed proof, then send us your approval by email to have the final order printed & delivered by mail within 2-3 business days with online tracking.  Overnight service is available by request.   It's that simple ! 

    • Preview online proof within minutes.
  • Receive printed proof within several business days final evaluation.
  • Overnight service available for additional fee. 
  • Store comp card online for 12 months in your private web page.

*orders processed M-F 9AM -7PM EST, Saturday 9AM - 2:00PM

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Q.  Do I need professional Photos?
A.  Yes, a comp card is to show your best in castings and potential employment opportunities.  Therefore professional and high quality images will produce the best image to present you.  You can supply us with digital photos or with actual printed photographs.  Your digital photos can be uploaded at www.compcard.com/upload.  Digital images should a minimum of 300 dpi.  Headshots for the front of the comp card should be a minimum of 5.5” x 8.5”. Pictures for the back of the card should be a minimum of 3.5” x 5.5”.  If you are not sure, simply load your images and send your contact information (email or phone) and a representatives will assist you.


Q.  Can I convert Photos to Digital Images?
A.  Yes, we can scan your photos for a minimal fee of $25.00 (none refundable fee).  Mail your photos to: CompCard.com * PO Box 219 * Woodstock, GA 30188P.O. Box 560549 * Miami, FL. 33256-0549


Q.  Can I see sample prints before placing an order from CompCard.com?
A.  Yes, an online sample will be available at www.yourname.compcard.com.  A printed proof will then be printed and mailed for your preview before the final prints. click here to order


Q.  How long does the process take?
A.  Many clients have received their prints in 24 hours after placing the order.  As long as the quality of the images is good, then your prints can be done the same day and delivered overnight.

Q.  What type of paper is used for printing headshots and comp card in the Industry?
A.  The standard paper use by most agents is thick cardboard paper with a weight of 120 lbs with semi-gloss finish.  At compcard.com, we use premium 10pt. (180 GSM)  to 14pt. (325 GSM) coated card stock by Sappi-Lustro Gloss Cover. Depending on your need, we can use various types of weight and coating.

Q.  What are the benefits of printing with Compcard.com.
A.  Fast and, Reliable printing since Summer of 2000.  Keep a virtual proof for up to 12 months for free.  Castings and open calls for paid jobs available from leads provided to compcard.com by our affiliate members.

Q.  Copyright Issues.
A.  The customer guarantees the legal propriety of all material submitted to compcard.com and its agents harmless against all claims and responsibilities arising from the printing and use of such matter, including legal expenses and disbursements incurred by compcard.com in connection with such claims, and further including any damages arising out of the violation of copyright laws or legal use of trade names or slogans in materials supplied by the customer.  The customer is responsible for making sure that compcard.com is not in violation of copyright laws.  We will assume that you have the permission of your photographer to reproduce your images.

Compcard.com reserves the right to use samples from each order for promotional purposes unless expressly prohibited by the customer in writing at the time the order is placed.

(Printed by CompCard.com) will appear on all cards unless the customer is a registered affiliate and requests the use of the Corporate Identity Registration where we build your brand and not ours (click here for details).

Q.  What vitals are needed?
A.  Neck: Measure around the base of the neck allowing for a comfortable fit, or measure a shirt collar that fits you well. To measure a shirt, lay collar flat and measure from button to button hole at the far end.
Chest/Bust:  With arms relaxed at sides, measure around the largest part of the chest or fullest part of the
bust and shoulder blades.
Waist: Measure around waist at narrowest point. If between sizes, order next larger size.
Hips: Measure around hips at fullest point while standing.
Inseam:  Measure from base of crotch down inside of leg to desired pant length.

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Q.  I want to have my images updated or worked on?
A.  Our fee is $85/hr for digital editing.

Q.  The Carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS) failed to deliver on time.
A.  CompCard.com's responsibilities end when goods in acceptable condition are received by a common carrier for delivery.  Any claims arising from the carriage of the good must be made against the carrier.  A delivery confirmation number will always be made available on the final prints.

Q. How can I market my talent online?
A. Setup your own web site including your domain name.  A small investment on your behalf to brand your own name says you are serious.  Another reason is simply that online marketing is less expensive and can reach a broader audience including Agents in different location throughout cities.  Click here

Q. How do I measure my size?
A. This chart is designed to make choosing your size as easy as possible. In order for you to get the perfect fit, please measure your bust, waist and hip, at the widest parts. The measurements of your body will correspond with a size below. If you find that your measurements do not correspond with a size in regards to the bust, waist and hip requirements, please do not fret. This is normal. There are over 48 body types in the world, and we will do our best to help you find the best fitting garment for your specific shape. Please feel free to call us toll free if you need help in ordering the right size for you. Please have your bust, waist and hip measurements (in inches) ready. (click here to open image).

Ideal Female Body Measurements

According to the vast majority of modeling agencies in the U.S., the ideal body measurements for a female model are 34-24-34 (bust-waist-hip), standing 5'8" tall and 140 pounds. The ideal body shape is one with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 inches (waist circumference divided by hip circumference).

Are you happy with your body?

It is simply not fair (or healthy) to compare yourself to others (or models for that matter), as we all face our own unique challenges and have very different genetic make-ups. So what if you don't have ideal body measurements. It is fair, however, to compare yourself with your own potential.


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