Actor Tear Sheet Printing / Model Portfolio Prints
(9" x 12")
Inquire by email or live chat for quantities not listed

Tear Sheet means a sheet or page torn from a magazine, journal, or the like, as one containing an advertisement and sent to the advertiser as proof of publication. Portfolio can be the images used for your interviewing book.

Print 2 to 20 Unique Image
(One print per image)
9x12 Tearsheet Prints

 Print 25 to 100 Unique Image
(One print per image)

Tearsheet Prints

with black border

with white border

bleed format

First Place order for the number of images you need to print.

Second, load five images at a time at at this link (load images here).

Note: send us the highest resolution version for each image.

Click here to view sample virtual portfolio book

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