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The next The International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention takes place July 15th-19th in New York. Models, actors, singers and dancers will be competing before agents, managers and casting directors from around the world. If you would like to be a contestant at IMTA, please use the Contact Form.

Order your headshots and comp cards here for IMTA. has thousands of satisfied clients since 1997.  Try our services and you too will enjoy great prints at competitive prices and excellent customer service.  Your proofs will be posted on a private web page for review and approval and you will be notified by email on the location of your proofs.  FREE resume printed with all headshots orders.  Resume printed in black & white on standard paper and cut to 8x10 (not stapled).


  1. Purchase a Print Package below.

  2. Complete Registration Form at

  3. Load images click here for upload link or send images by email to  You will be notified by email when your live proof becomes available for review and approval.

Once your order is placed, including registration data and images, then you will preview an online proof on a private web page the same day during business hours.  Your approval is required before printing & shipping..  Overnight shipping services is available. Contact us for Sunday delivery in the USA only.



HEADSHOT - Card Size 8 x 10

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  FREE Resume Printing
with all headshot orders
Send Resume by email:
Resume will be printed in standard
paper, cut to 8x10 and will not be stapled.
Send Resume in Microsoft Word format or PDF format

Card Size 5 x 8
Front Side             Back Side

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Card Size 2 x 3

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Performers Combo1:
8x10  Headshot,
5.5 x 8.5  Comp Cards & 2 x 3 Biz Cards

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Performers Combo2:
8x10  Headshot &
5.5 x 8.5 Comp Cards

Combo 2
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Performers Plan 3:
8x10  Headshot &,
2 x 3 Biz Cards

Performers Plan 3
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Performers Plan 4:
5.5 x 8.5 Comp Cards & 2 x 3 Biz Cards
Performers Plan 4
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Performers Headshots:
8x10  Headshots

Color Headshot
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Performers Casting Cards:
5.5 x 8.5 Comp Cards / Casting Cards

Performers Casting Cards
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Late Orders should select overnight delivery.

All International orders will have the package delivered to Hotel in Orlando (date of your arrival)

Overnight Shipping for Order of more than 101 prints (7.8 lbs) for an additional $49.00

Overnight Shipping for Order of less than 101 prints (3.7 lbs) for an additional $29.00



Once the first step is completed, then you will be directed to the registration form to complete the information to be included on the prints.   Registration form link 



Upload Images/Files directly from your computer.

Enter your name & email address in the field marked "Who are the files from?". The name & email is crucial for proper identification of your images. We receive hundreds of images daily and some are not identified for lack of name & email.

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Upload Confirmation: When the upload is complete a "File Upload Completion" page will be displayed, listing results for each file, the destination account, and confirmation that the account holder will receive an email notification of the upload.

Experiencing difficulty loading your images?  You can also send your images by email to


Thousands of satisfied clients!  Try our services and you too will enjoy great prints at competitive prices and excellent service..
 Online proof available in minutes during bus. hours and same day printing. 

Great Service at Great Prices -Kay Voraotsady
Kay is bringing her own personal style and touch to commercial campaigns, films, fashion shows, and celebrity prints.



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